CCTV Systems

CCTV is an increasingly important part of business life, in this day and age you really can’t be too careful about safe guarding your property. We at Fair City Amusements understand the importance of a reliable CCTV system to your business. Our Digital CCTV installations deter intruders, help curb anti-social behaviour and provide an incontestable record of what’s going on in and around your business.

With products from all the leading manufacturers in CCTV, we have assisted businesses across Scotland in protecting their premises. No two CCTV installations are the same so we will perform a full site survey to find out exactly what is required to cover all your needs. For instance a customer might only want one discreet camera looking over the till, in which case we can install a covert camera which can be concealed in a PIR detector a smoke detector or even a clock. Or they might want a 16 camera system covering multiple buildings and a beer garden that they can monitor over the internet. Whatever the requirements we can build a system that works for you.

All surveys and quotes are provided free of charge, without any obligations. Systems can be bought outright, lease purchased or rented.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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